About Us

Autumn Rose Co all began the year of 2020 when the world shut down and we all had way too much time on our hands. I (Autumn) transitioned to shirts after making wood signs for a while due to the lack of space in our home.

It all started when I felt called to bring hope and light into a world full of fear and darkness. I started making encouraging tees using vinyl and a cricut. When I realized that I LOVE making shirts and how many people loved a good graphic tee, I knew I needed to make a high quality product. So I quickly taught myself how to screen print by LOTS of trial and error. 

Throughout the last couple of years, my business has grown so much to the point where I needed some extra help. My wonderful husband, Ian, has decided to come after his full time job and help me out. We are now in this together and I couldn’t be any happier.

We are really focused on growing our wholesale orders and getting in stores all throughout the US. But we really love our customers and are creating new designs for our website as well. 

We also offer custom orders for logo merch, youth groups, fundraisers, organizations, ect. 

Thank you for supporting us and our small business, we appreciate every single one of you!