About Us

Hi Friends! 

First and foremost, we would like to say thank you for visiting our page and supporting our small business. Supporting a small business means you are truly putting food on a families table, a roof over their head, and the confidence to continue chasing their dreams. We appreciate YOU! 

A little bit about our family...

My name is Nikki Sleen and my husband's name is Jack. We have two fur babies who do almost everything with us. Both are black and white Border Collies, Jett, who is 7, and Colt Bennett, who is 3. They are known as "The Boys" and anyone who meets them instantly becomes their best friend. If you ever see us around, please feel free to come over and say "Hi!". Like the dogs, Jack and I are very outgoing and enjoy meeting new people.   

We live on a small hobby farm in central Wisconsin. There's a small pond for the boys to swim, and enough of woods to burn off all of that Border Collie energy! We have several chickens, all of which have their own name. But, Reba is our favorite! I'm still trying to convince Jack that we should get a miniature Highland Cow, or two. He's not as enthused as I am about the idea. Sooooo, if you ever see him make sure to ask "When are you picking up your new baby cow?". (Anything to convince him how great of an idea it is!). We enjoy traveling and the outdoors, where we try to spend as much time as we can making new memories and exploring new places.  

That's just a little about us, but if the opportunity comes along, maybe we can tell you some more!

With Love - Jack, Nikki, and "The Boys"

The Boys